Open Water Swimming and Endless Pools Swimming Machines a Perfect Pair

Aston, PA, February 18, 2008– Endless Pools, Inc. and World Triathlon Corporation, owner of the Ironman Triathlon are proud to announce multi-year partnership renewal, making this the seventh year Endless Pools has partnered with IRONMAN.

The Hawaiian Ironman is the pinnacle of Triathlete competitions. Every year more than 50,000 top athletes around the world struggle for one of the 1,500 coveted starting slots at Kona. There, competitors face rough water, strong currents and fluctuating temperatures as they battle the 2.4-mile open water swim. It is a brutal-indeed overwhelming-first leg. And no training tool in the world prepares them better than the Endless Pool.

The Endless Pool’s smooth current challenges even the fastest swimmers, and unlike standard lap pools, forces swimmers to maintain a consistent pace. The underwater mirror provides constant, immediate feedback. Best of all, the Endless Pool can be installed in virtually any home. At 8″ x 15″ it’s smaller and lighter than an SUV, plus its modular design allows components to fit through any doorway and stairway. The convenient at home location saves precious hours every week in commuting time. Released in 2006, Endless Pools newest product the Fastlane, installs in existing pools making training even easier for Triathletes with backyard pools. With over 10,000 pools installed throughout the USA and the world, Endless Pools Inc. is fixture in home fitness and training.

“Ironman is excited about extending our relationship with Endless Pools, the market leader of counter current pools. Like Ironman, Endless Pools is authentic – and enables consumers the opportunity to engage in a healthy, active lifestyle,” says Bill Potts, VP of Marketing and Business Development for Ironman.
About Ironman
World Triathlon Corporation, owners and organizers of Ironman, is a Florida-based company recognized for athletic excellence, performance and quality products. With the addition of the Ironman 70.3 Series, Ironman now has more than 42 qualifying events worldwide. Supported by partners that include Ford Motor Company, Dell, Timex and Gatorade, Ironman is the No.1 user-based sports brand in the world. Ironman has been a respected name in triathlon since its inception nearly 30 years ago and is regarded as the world’s most challenging endurance event. Millions may remember moments in Ironman history such as Julie Moss’ crawl to the finish line in 1982, which was showcased on ABC’s Wide World of Sports. Each year, more than 80,000 athletes compete for slots in the Ford Ironman World Championship held every October in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, and the Ironman World Championship 70.3 held every November in Clearwater, FL. The Ironman brand has been featured in a range of media outlets to include NBC, CNN Headline News, The Wall Street Journal, People, Sports Illustrated, The New York Times and USA Today.

About Endless Pools

Endless Pools, Inc., headquartered in Aston, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia, was founded in 1988 by James Murdock to manufacture and sell counter-current swimming pools for residential and commercial use. Over the last twenty years, more than 10,000 Endless Pools have been sold and installed in over 50 countries.

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